Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ryder Cup Watching For Tiger Woods

The 19 years, says l actress his friends and family were there for her through it all, including its Hairspray castmates: They were all extremely favourable.We are a tight-knit family.They were just happy to be together.My family is my life.The best gift that I was even given my parents.Nikki says co-star Zac Efron was a special source of strength for her, I love him with every inch of my body and soul.E been an amazing support system..


Christina Ricci Is Going To The Renaissance Faire

Video of late rocker Wendy O William of Plasmatics in a St. Louis production of Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1984..


Dead Celebrities Live On In Hearts Of Many

It has made Victoria Beckham they obtain a nose job, or are its new short one it makes as soon as to disorder in on our perspective?


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Audrey Zazou (Blatherskites Paris head office): Victoria Victoria, talk to me! Victorias bodyguard: Get Lost honey.Audrey: If you do not talk to me Ill be fired! Victoria B: Oh my God, that was so wonderful.They frocks my favorite! What is this? Putting down Rufus.Audrey: Mr.ra Beckham, I could get to his private show, but everyone says your clothes are wonderful, almost as good as those French! Victoria B: What is the French, honey? As you were, Rufus..


Leighton Meester Darn That Mother Chucker

However, if this does not leave their young children, Brooklyn Romeo And Cruz. David Beckham is known for its beauty and athletic ability, while Victoria Beckham is recognized to be a former Spice Girl and icon of fashion. Victoria Beckham wants his children to form a pop group.

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